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Welcome to De Colores: The Raza Experience in Books for Children!

Modeled after the award-winning A Broken Flute: The Native Experience in Books for Children (which I had the honor of co-editing), De Colores reviews and critiques children's and young adult books about Raza peoples throughout the Diaspora. This blog contains critical reviews, poems, “living stories,” and essays setting the work in cultural, historical, and contemporary contexts. Some of these essays emphasize the effect of “multiculturalism” on primary and secondary education and its impact on Raza young people and communities.

We welcome submissions from contributors, collaborators, and colleagues who would like to review and have stories to tell, especially from a Raza perspective. We also continue to collect books to review for this blog and ask publishers to send us two copies of any picture books or young adult books that might be appropriate.

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If you have comments about a particular review, please direct them to the blog (decoloresreviews.blogspot.com). Please direct other comments or questions to bslapin@gmail.com. Thank you.

We dedicate this blog to the courageous young people in Tucson, Arizona, whose strength of spirit—and wisdom from their elders—have led them to struggle for solidarity and a new tomorrow.

And to:

La Adelita, ¡presente!
Francisco X. Alarcón, ¡presente!
Berta Cáceres, ¡presente!
Fidel Castro Ruz, ¡presente!
César Chávez, ¡presente!
Hugo Chávez, ¡presente!
Ernesto “Che” Guevara, ¡presente!
Dolores Huerta
Victor Jara, ¡presente!
Lolita Lebron, ¡presente!
Elizabeth “Betita” Martinez
Rigoberto Menchu Tum
Evo Morales
Archbishop Oscar Romero, ¡presente!
Emma Tenayuca, ¡presente!
Emiliano Zapata, ¡presente!

And to all those who refuse to succumb to a situation they didn’t create.

Beverly Slapin, Editor

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  1. What a great idea - a picture book showing lots of people reading for lots of different reasons. I don't think I've seen this before. But no one except the boy is reading for pleasure, which is a pity I think...


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