Charro: The Mexican Cowboy

author: George Ancona
photographer: George Ancona
Harcourt Brace, 1999
grades 1-4 

Here, photographer Ancona visits Guadalajara, Mexico, on El Día del Charro, a day celebrating the superb horsemanship of the charros and charras. While the text describes the history of la charrera, and the riding and roping skills needed, nowhere except in a brief sentence on the verso page is the “sometimes violent ways of handling cattle and horses” mentioned. Yet the photos show great violence and I was personally horrified by the brutality. Although la charrera is a Mexican national celebration and Ancona’s photographs are, as usual, filled with color and excitement, I would hesitate to recommend this book. Marginally recommended.

—Beverly Slapin
(published 4/7/13)

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